Resound Hearing Aids

Not sure which one is best for you? Give us a call at 1-800-575-1615 and we’ll help you find the right hearing aid.


ReSound Verso – Models 9, 7, or 5

Resound hearing aids

ReSound Verso 9 – all styles $2495
ReSound Verso 7 – all styles $1895
ReSound Verso 5 – all styles $1695

ReSound Vea – Models 2 or 3

Resound Vea hearing aid

ReSound Vea 3 – all styles $1195
ReSound Vea 2 – all styles $1095

ReSound Alera – Models 9, 7, or 5

ReSound Alera hearing aids

ReSound Alera 9 – all styles $2395
ReSound Alera 7 – all styles $1795
ReSound Alera 5 – all styles $1495


Accessories for Wireless Models

Accessory prices shown are with the purchase of hearing aid. If purchasing accessories separately, add 15% to the price below, plus $35 S/H.

UNITE REMOTE CONTROL - Discount Hearing Aids of South Carolina

Unite Remote Control $249

UNITE PHONE CLIP - Discount Hearing Aids of South Carolina

Unite Phone Clip $249

UNITE TV STREAMER - Discount Hearing Aids of South Carolina

Unite TV Streamer $349

UNITE MINI MIC - Discount Hearing Aids of South Carolina

Unite Mini Mic $249

ReSound Dot2 Models

Resound Dot2 Hearing Aid

Resound Dot2 Model DT1060 Dot 10 $1195
Resound Dot2 Model DT2060 Dot 20 $1495
Resound Dot2 Model DT3060 Dot 30 $2095

ReSound Sparx Model

ReSound Sparx Hearing Aid

Resound Sparx Super Power $1495


Additional Costs

Shipping in all cases $20
Earmolds for conventional BTEs each (if required) $75
Earmolds for RIC BTEs each (if required) $95
Any added options beyond basic unit pricing


Questions? Ready to get started? Give us a call at 1-800-575-1615!

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